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  • Lump-Free Protein Shakes – Comparing the Different Strainers

    Nothing is worse than preparing your protein shake, taking a sip, and noticing that you have a giant lump of protein powder stuck in your mouth. Clumpy protein shakes definitely ruin the experience of using protein and for some people, they’re already forcing themselves to chug them back.

    The great news is that with the right protein shaker with a built in strainer system, lumps can really be a thing of the past. You just need to know which types of strainer devices are available and then select the one that’s best for you.

    Let’s walk you through the top mixing types so that you can determine which is the ideal option to have for your own protein shake creations.

    Grid Strainer

    The grid strainer protein shaker cup is one that uses a simple straining system that stays in place the entire time the mixing process is being completed. There is a crossgrid piece that fits right into the top of the shaker cup that will help to break up those lumps as you shake the liquid inside.

    Grid strainers tend to be moderately effective, however you can still notice some lumps depending on the particular protein powder that you’re using.

    Likewise, the more closely together the grids are on the strainer, the better results you will receive.

    Stainless Steel Ball

    The next option is the stainless steel ball option. This option basically takes the grid model and makes it more mobile, allowing the strainer to work against the liquid as it moves around as you shake it.

    It’s a circular ball spring-like ball that will bounce around the shaker cup as you shake, breaking up the powder as it goes.

    This option is also slightly easier for cleaning purposes than a grid model however the downside is that you’ll either need to fish the ball out after shaking or you’ll feel it moving up and down as you drink your protein shake.


    The Umoro takes a different approach to the shaker bottle and allows you to place protein powder or any other powder into a compartment in the top of the bottle, keeping it safe from any liquids in the bottle for the time being.

    This allows you to use the bottle for water throughout the day as you wish, all while keeping the protein powder you will be using handy for later use.

    Then, when you are ready, you simply let the protein powder down and the compartment drops into the water currently in the bottle, allowing the powder to disperse as you shake it up to blend.

    This mixing system is ideal for those who are always on the go and prefer not to carry around additional containers storing protein powder.

    FuelShaker Agitator

    Another product that runs off a similar concept is the FuelShake Agitator. This bottle takes things one step further however, allowing for multiple compartments to keep powders in, in case you need more than one serving of protein powder, BCAA’s, or any other supplement. This way, you can simply release the compartment containing your desired power, shake and you’ll be ready to drink.

    It contains an agitator, which acts as a mixing system itself once released into the main bottle compartment holding the water or other liquid. Upon release, the power comes out and the turbine-shaped edges help to cut up the powders, producing a lump free protein shake you will enjoy.

    So there you have a closer look at the different straining systems. If you’re tired of lump protein shakes, help is definitely available.

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