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  • How To Create The Perfect Pre-Workout Shake

    • Posted on 16 December, 2014

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    Post Workout Protein Shaker

    You have a big workout planned ahead and are in dire need of some fast acting fuel. Going into a workout with an empty tank is akin to kissing all progress away as you just won’t be able to exercise at the intensity level you need in order to see results.

    Whether you have an interval cardio training session on the agenda or you’re more focused on a heavy strength workout, your body needs a combination of both protein and carbs – in proper dosages in order to get the work done.

    But how can you go about creating the most optimal shake? Let’s walk you through this process so that you can feel fully prepared when you head into the gym.

    Opt For A Whey Isolate

    First, when it comes to selecting the protein powder to use at this time, always go with a whey isolate whenever possible. This form of protein will digest quickest in the body, ensuring that you get a fast release for the session ahead.

    This assumes, of course, you are drinking the shake within 30 minutes or so of doing the workout session. If it’s an hour or longer until you hit the gym, a blended protein containing both whey isolate and casein will be your better approach.

    25-40 grams should be sufficient at this time for most people, depending on your body weight. The heavier you are, the more protein you will require.

    Determine How Many Carbs Are Necessary

    Next, you need to determine how many carbohydrates will be necessary in this shake. This will depend on a number of factors including your current body weight, your goals, as well as the nature of the workout you have planned.

    The longer and more intense the workout is, the more carbs you’ll need to get through it. On the flip side however, if you’re currently aiming to shed some excess body fat and diet, you won’t be eating as many carbs as if you were aiming to build some lean muscle mass.

    For this reason, carb count will be highly variable, but aim for no less than around 25 grams to up to 100+ grams if you’re a heavy individual with a hard workout planned who wants to build muscle.

    Add Simple Sugars With Some Complex Carbs

    Now that you know how many carbs to eat, where should these come from? Depending on how many you are eating, you’ll want to add some simple sugar carbs so they hit the body with energy almost immediately and then also add some complex carbs to help you get through the remainder of the session.

    A good option here would be a banana along with some ground oats. Or, you can also add some fresh berries along with some bran buds cereal. The bran buds will mix right into the shake, becoming easily drinkable when they are added to the liquid for a minute or two.

    Just be sure that you do create balance between the simple carbs and complex. All simple carbs could mean you suffer from a serious blood glucose crash part-way through the workout session.

    So there you have the key points to know and remember when it comes to creating your perfect pre workout shake. Shakes are quick, convenient, and will easily fuel your body with the precise nutrients you need.

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