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  • 4 Great Ingredients To Include In Your Morning Shake

    • Posted on 4 December, 2014

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    dried coconuts

    Getting all geared up for another busy day ahead? If so, it’s vital that you make sure that you’re putting the proper nutrients into your body. Without the right fuel, you can expect to run out of energy an hour or so into the morning, leaving you hungry
    until lunch.

    Shakes can be a great way to get good nutrition in first thing in your day since they’re fast to prepare and can even be taken on the run as you move through your morning.
    This said, you’ll still need to make sure the right ingredients are going into that shake. Let’s walk you through four great ingredients to consider adding into your shaker cup.

    Greek Yogurt

    A dollop of Greek yogurt will go a long way towards making the shake creamier while also boosting the protein and calcium content at the same time.

    Don’t add too much or you may struggle to get everything mixed together, but a spoonful or so will do just perfectly. Watch that you are purchasing a reduced sugar variety of Greek yogurt for best results.

    Ground Flaxseeds

    Another smart ingredient to toss into your shaker is ground flaxseeds. Do make sure they are ground otherwise they won’t break down and digest properly, and can also be harder to swallow.

    Flaxseeds will offer a good dose of essential fatty acids, fiber, and even a small amount of protein as well. They’re a very well-balanced seed and will serve your body well.

    Most people are not getting enough omega-3 fatty acids in their diet as it is, so these can make it easier to obtain proper amounts.

    Ground Oats

    If you are planning a workout later on in the day, you’ll want to be sure that your energy level is as high as possible. Ground oats work perfectly for this purpose. They’ll add some slower digesting carbs to the mix while helping to boost your satiety from the shake.

    With no sugar and a good dose if added fiber, they’re an excellent way to keep your blood sugar level stable all morning long.

    Just be sure here that you purchase the steel cut oat varieties and not the packaged sweetened kind.

    Dried, Unsweetened Coconut Flakes

    Finally, a last ingredient to consider adding into your shaker cup, especially if you do happen to be using a lower carb diet approach is dried, unsweetened coconut flakes. This form of saturated fat can actually provide an immediate source of energy to the body, so is perfect for those who may be experiencing the energy drain sometimes associated with low carb diets.

    Coconut fat is also great for boosting heart health, enhancing your immune system, and improving your body composition – all great things that you should be interested in.

    One or two tablespoons is all you need of this fat to get the job done.

    So there you have a few of the top ingredients to consider adding into your shake. Use at least one per day and you’ll see your nutrition go up a notch.

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