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  • Fuelshaker – A new innovative bottle developed by Shakerfactory


    Fuelshaker is the new innovative bottle developed by Shakerfactory. The bottle, to be introduced in the upcoming weeks to the global market, offers a hassle free compartment and mixing solution that allows shaker-bottle users to carry powder separated from liquid, giving the user the possibility to decide when and where they want to mix. With just the push of a button, the powder is released and mixed with the agitator.

    In addition, the Fuelshaker is going to be offering extra compartments (or “Fuelers”) for those who like to carry more than one serving of protein and even adaptable for those who need to carry pills. Fuelshaker appears to be a perfect solution to stop the hassle of carrying an oversized bottle, 3 bottles in the back seat of the car, or having your gym locker packed with boxes, bottles and pill containers.

    Fuelshaker Feature

    Fuel For life is the slogan that Angelo Giuliano, CEO of Shakerfactory and Fuelshaker, assigned to describe the innovative solution. “We want to bring solutions that give fitness advocates more time and less hassle with supplement consumption, Fuelshaker represents just the start of our innovation journey. The product will be available to the global market through our website”.

    Fuel. Grab. Mix. The Fuelshaker by Shakerfactory is here to revolutionize and change the dynamics on protein consumption.

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