• Visibility

    Boost Visibilty

    Attract the attention of your target audience. Customize with your brand colors and logo, and use as giveways or gift-with-purchase.

  • Marketing

    Perfect for marketing

    A Shaker branded with your logo is the perfect way to advertise your fitness business. Make your company stand out in the gym, the park, or the yoga studio!

  • BPA Free


    We supply hazard-free products that are safe for any member of the family, which is why you will never find BPA in any of our products.

  • Leak Proof Technology


    We use high tech seals on all of the lids and caps of our shakers, assuring that you will never have to worry about your shaker leaking in your bag.

FuelshakerBy Shakerfactory

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Umoro OneIn Collaboration with Shakerfactory

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